New song and Video

New song ” Deliverance ” released by swedish thrashmetal band DECEPTION.
The video is directed by Markus Hurtig at MAS Productions and filmed by Emelie Hahne
and Klara Olsson. Therese Zetterlund is also acting in the video.

Premiere in cooperation with Rocknytt, the biggest and best Rock and metal netmagazine in Sweden.
Visit at 12.00 May 23rd to watch the video!
In 2014 DECEPTION were touring Mexico and California. In april 2015 the band made three gigs in

Germany, Holland and Belgium as supporting act. June 4th DECEPTION is playing at the
Sweden Rock Festival, a dream coming true . Debut album is in the making and to be released in 2016.

DECEPTION wants to thank the ones beliving in us;
Grizzly Nation – Michael and Christel Stejlborg is doing a treamendous job for DECEPTION. Join forces, join the Nation!

Big Balls Productions – Recording studio and label with the biggest balls in the world.

La Marca Del Diablo and King Monster – Endorsing us with the most metal clothes there is. The video will show you. Sergio, we love you.

At last, a big thank you to our familys for letting us do what we love the most. And for all of you that we did’nt mention; we love you too.

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