Based in Sweden, Deception was formed in 2012. Ranging from traditional heavy metal to a more thrashier sound, Deception managed to create a somewhat unique style. Soon it became clear that the foundation of Deception was not about fitting into a genre, but simply creating music that is appealing, both playing and listening to.

The recording of their EP ”Break the silence” began shortly thereafter and in March, 2013 it was released through Big Balls Productions. The EP recieved great reviews and was given attention both in magazines and radio.


Deception is:


Daniel Färninger


Equipment: Sennheiser e945 mic, Boss VE-20

Former bands: Kixxsville, Moshpit


Peter Engström


Equipment: ESP Eclipse, Schecter Hellraiser, Peavey 5150 amp and cabinet

Former bands: Cause of Death

Oscar Pettersson


Equipment: Dean ”Old skull V” , ENGL Fireball amp and cabinet

Former bands: Bermuda

Fredrik Färninger


Equipment: Fender Precision bass, Ashdown amp and cabinet

Former bands: Kixxsville, Moshpit

Markus Norlén


Equipment: Mapex drums, Zildjian cymbals, Pro mark Sticks

Former bands: Disowned, Cause of Death